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"Having a luxury listing requires luxury marketing. Steve and his crew produced the 4K video that is being viewed worldwide. Creative, responsive, and professional, and a pleasure to work with."              

                                       Alex Alpern, Lang Realty


"I have used Steve's services on more than one occasion and could not be happier. He is always professional, understanding and fair. His product is nothing short of top-notch and I would highly recommend him to everyone." 

                         Catherine Tramontana/ Realtor

About WelcomeMat

We are a media service company serving up dynamic tours and visuals for industries and businesses worldwide. 

From the early days of SD, to the now dynamic high definition and 4K,  photography, virtual tours and video has evolved into a visual wonder. The explosion of compact cameras, steadicams and drones has elevated the tour experience, and WelcomeMat is at the forefront.


Our style. We are not about going from room to room, panning the space and moving on. WelcomeMat is about truly giving clients a true walkthrough of the space. Cameras smoothly take you on a POV perspective of the layout, showing you how the rooms connect, and the dimensions. We want you to feel like your actually walking in the home or business, getting a tour unlike any other. Realtors for example, will often tell us the square footage of a home is one of the most important aspects influencing purchasing decisions.


Quality - our shooting and editing style will help accelerate showings on listings and foot traffic to businesses. 

Customer Service - very accessible, communicative and reliable.

Turnaround - every tour once photographed, will be delivered in
24 hours less. Videos - delivery is 48 hours or less. 

Affordability - our packages are more competitive than most, with online payment processing. 

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